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Solid wood stairs

Solid wood stairs

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There are three reasons for the infestation of solid wood furniture. Among all kinds of wood, woods such as camphor, fir, teak, etc. have their own insect-proof functions. Most other timbers do actually have insect-proof functions. Solid wood staircase companies also include oak precious mahogany.

There are three possibilities for the solid wood furniture installed in the home to infest. The first is the quality of the wood. Since the quality of the wood used in the production was related to the eggs contained in the wood, when the temperature reached the corresponding temperature, the eggs in the wood began to move, hatch, became adults. The second is the problem of production technology. Although the wood contains insect eggs, it is used to control the stability of its later use in production. In addition to selecting good quality wood, it can also be started the process, using wood proprietary dehumidification drying Drying equipment; drying wood to control its moisture content; covering the surface of the wood with gypsum fire retardant paint, painting solid wood furniture, many other techniques. In general, furniture will stop such such insect control during the production process. The third is that furniture encounters "invasion" of foreign insects. Even if the materials processes pass, if the exterior of the solid wood furniture is damaged, it happens that the termites are breeding, they may also attract termites to lay eggs, thereby causing furniture to infest.

In order to prevent moth-eaten, we must pay attention to the maintenance during use. Now the price of solid wood furniture is cheap, some are even luxury goods in the home. Once moth-eaten occurs, it is a very annoying problem. In particular, termites, because of their rapid reproduction speed inadequate cure, will only damage the solid wood furniture, but also erode the solid wood floor in the home, even the decorative panels on the ceiling. Insects on solid wood furniture are closely related to the humidity of the air. Insects generally occur when the wood is damp, the wood is susceptible to moisture. Choose furniture with quality assurance, because they have taken anti-insect measures in the early stage of production, in addition to the need for the user to protect the furniture during his later use.

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