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Luxury pass

Luxury pass

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The in-house custom cabinets of the whole house are set with inlaid aquarium, which increases the flexibility of the restaurant space brings a refreshing atmosphere of the ocean to the warm kitchen. Golden Years has designed two types in the style of the restaurant cabinet. In addition to the inlaid aquarium, the other is the Morandica craft with the function of storage display. Compared with the traditional design, the foldable variable dining table in the restaurant is more in line with the needs of the occupants. When you need it, you can pull it out use it as a dining table. When you do n’t need it, it can be perfectly retracted without occupying space. Luxury pass

The design of the wine cabinet has also designed two styles. One uses Apple's 18 zinc-iron gray aluminum frames with gray glass. It combines black with a sense of technology in the elegant simplicity, which is more fashionable. The other design has an in-line bar a vertical wine rack, especially the design of a small bar, which can add a touch of mood to the monotonous home life. For those who are busy on a day, you can use this small world to remove A tired day.

The entire living space adopts the fashionable high-grade Morandi color scheme, the large area of jazz white is clean, simple, bright thorough; the Morandica is warm gentle ... The overall tone makes each scene of the space look a gray The vague sense of high-level shows a peaceful soothing beauty. The unique metal partition cabinet structure low-key simple invisible handles only subtract the design, but also subtract the life of the occupants. With a simple atmospheric field, it carries a full "empty", the sense of fashion comfort directly reaches Popular!

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