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Luxury pass

Luxury pass

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1. Help to accurately grasp the style

For the whole house custom furniture, you can take the designer to see the custom furniture you like. The luxury pass is wholesale tells him the size, so that the designer can understand the style you like through the furniture, also integrate the product into his design. To unify the style of the entire home. The designer will also make some changes in the living room pattern according to the size of the furniture, so that there will be no painful love for certain furniture in order to meet the design style.

2. Can design space according to furniture

Generally, when funds are available, everyone will hand over some small pieces of furniture such as shoe cabinets, multi-bags, etc. to the decoration company to save trouble. The right question. However, the furniture made by the decoration company on the site pays too much attention to the use function, cannot meet the consumer's demand for fashionable home. If these furniture are set in advance before the decoration, these troubles will be saved, because now the structure of the house is more flexible, many spaces can be opened partitioned at will.

3. Reduce unnecessary expenses

Customizing furniture first is an effective way to control decoration costs. Everyone who has renovated knows that the decoration styles are basically beyond the original budget, because there are often some unpredictable additions during the decoration process, such as inexplicable number of cabinets, naturally more labor materials. to mention the lengthening of the construction period, more money is paid, which is reflected in the quotation of the decoration company.

4. Save time effort

The home market is comprehensive in nature. You can also take a look at the furniture when you are shopping for building materials. If you have the right ones, you can set it. One can let the designer have a goal, the other can reduce the number of times to visit the building materials city. No worries. Nowadays, many consumers prefer pure imported furniture, many particularly sophisticated pure imported furniture have a waiting period of at least one month, because it takes a certain time to produce transport. However, before the decoration, the furniture-especially the wardrobe cloakroom are set. After the decoration is completed, the custom furniture can also be sent to the installation, so that the time for moving can be at least half a month in advance.

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