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Luxury pass

Luxury pass

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Now with the continuous progress of our lives, we have begun to pay more more attention to our quality of life. The pursuit of individuality in luxury wholesales has become an increasingly common trend. At present, customized services have become a popular selling point. Take our decoration as an example, many people's furniture are customized choices, especially some more important furniture items, such as wardrobes. The wardrobe is a good helper for us to accept clothing. The custom-made wardrobe with solid wood door can use the space more reasonably, which greatly facilitates our life. But it is so easy to customize a wardrobe, so what details do you need to pay attention to? This article gives you a simple introduction!

1. Consider the decorative style

Orderly decorated wardrobes are often unable to unify the style, so what style of custom wardrobe should be determined before decoration. "It is particularly important in the customization of the whole cabinet wardrobe. The customized wardrobe must conform to the overall decoration style. If it is a Chinese decoration style, then the choice of the plate-style custom wardrobe will be out of touch. Similarly, the modern bedroom style, put a The Chinese-style custom wardrobe is also very strange.

Second, the choice of plate

The wardrobe made by the whole house custom manufacturer must also pay attention to the choice of texture the strength of the relationship. "Professional manufacturers choose plates that meet national environmental standards, some manufacturers choose to test reports, which poses a potential threat to human health. To buy a wardrobe, you should see if the company has a plate test report consistency test certificate the national power giant test department .

3. Use function

Whether the function is ready; whether the wardrobe function can meet its needs, whether the accessories are complete, can provide convenient comfortable supporting functions. "At present, some clothing manufacturers have launched practical beautiful accessories such as sliding mirrors, tie paintings, underwear paintings, trouser frames, fashion drawers, baskets, actively advocate the" people-oriented "high-quality life concept.

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