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Luxury pass

Luxury pass

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1. Optical damage avoidance performance

The whole house custom manufacturer tells you that in general, the door of a completely opaque solid wood wine cabinet of the luxury yakou company is designed to completely isolate ultraviolet rays. Ordinary wine collectors do see their collections, they always feel as if nothing is missing, so wine cabinets designed with glass doors are very popular. The same glass door has the function of filtering ultraviolet rays, the cost of ordinary glass is much worse, so ask before you buy.

2. Ventilation air purification functions

In the process of wine, Chen Fang will produce harmful gas sulfur dioxide, sulfur dioxide will damage cork, thereby worsening the quality of wine. The natural ventilation of the wine cellar in the customization of the overall cabinet wardrobe can remove sulfur dioxide, but in a closed environment, such as a wine cabinet, sulfur dioxide will accumulate. In general, if you open the door once a day to ventilate the wine cabinet, you can eliminate sulfur dioxide.

But careful collectors do want to disturb the long-term sleep of wine every ten days, so for the air environment, the most thoughtful design is a ventilation system equipped with activated carbon, so the activated carbon is replaced every two three years, the most appropriate design is in Activated carbon is added to the ventilation system, so only by changing the activated carbon every two three years, you can always keep the wine in a good air environment.

3. Artistic style characteristics of solid wood wine cabinet

Simplicity: The custom-made ancient complex style of the solid wood door is an old comprehensive style next to the wine cabinet. It rejects all gorgeous complex, respectful "at least yes". A standing solid wood wine cabinet can store more than 100 bottles of wine.

Romance: The simple solid wood wine rack bedroom style are concise solid, reflecting the tranquility comfort of the European countryside. It can also be carefully carved into a peculiar wine barrel-shaped wine cabinet, reflecting the characteristics of a servant.

Luxury: flash wine, low-quality wine storage space. only for wine storage, but also to separate the wine display area the wine champagne storage area. It has the characteristics of antique, downstream modeling, precious materials, exquisite craft carving so on. It is complemented with gorgeous decorations & baroque ceilings, large decorative paintings, European antique dolomite lighting gorgeous carpets everywhere in the bedroom.

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