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European style wooden door

European style wooden door

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The opposite is a closed lacquer door. Although wood grain can be seen on the surface, the hand feels smooth delicate, the European style wooden door has a lustrous price.

all veneer wood can be painted open. If the pipes of wood are thin dense, such as birch maple, only closed paint can be used. If the duct is deep, it is obvious, such as oak, ash, other high-grade wood, can only be used for open paint.

3. What are the advantages of opening paint doors?

1. The color of the wood grain is bright, the texture is outstanding natural. At the same time, the color paste paint directly penetrate into the wood eye. When the temperature changes, it can expand contract with the wood simultaneously, it is easy to fade.

2. The open paint retains the wood texture of the wood itself, the touch can obviously feel the bumpy texture of the logs, giving a strong natural feeling.

There is no big difference in the quality of the engineering wooden doors of the two processes, but the cost point of view, the cost of open lacquered engineering wooden doors is a little higher than that of closed lacquered engineering wooden doors, generally higher than two three hundred yuan. You can choose to open the lacquer door close the lacquer door according to your own preferences with different decoration styles.

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