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European style wooden door

European style wooden door

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  • Release date:2020-04-07 15:28:43
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The selection of indoor wooden doors, the price of European style wooden doors, on the one hand, choose solid wood doors with high hardness, good gloss, no deformation, anti-aging, which are high-end luxury products; mothproof, moisture-proof, anti-fouling, heat-resistant, crack-resistant, solid non-deformable, Good sound heat insulation effect, it is a durable product; non-toxic, odorless, free of formaldehyde, toluene, no radiation pollution, environmentally friendly healthy, it is a green environmentally friendly product; it is artistic, noble elegant, can play a role in embellishing the living room. On the other hand, due to different tree species, the wooden door exhibits a variety of wood texture color. Therefore, choosing a wooden door that matches the decor of the room will add a lot to the room.

In order to maintain the hinge of the indoor wooden door, to reduce the state of the indoor wooden door half open half closed, it needs to be fully ventilated fully opened to buckle the door suction, directly closed, half open half closed will add the pressure of the hinge, if the indoor wooden door itself If it is too heavy, it will loosen even deform. If a strong wind suddenly hits the wall, it will cause great damage to the indoor wooden door.

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