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European style wooden door

European style wooden door

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1, First of all, the decorations on the door are removed. The price of the European style wooden door is to avoid scratching your hands during operation, it is also conducive to the uniformity of the paint brush.

2, polished. Use coarse sandpaper to polish all the areas that need to be painted, pay attention to the corners do polish too much, to maintain the original shape of the interior wooden door. Use a cloth dampened with water to make it semi-wet, wipe off the powder on the indoor wooden door just finished. Take fine sandpaper polish it again, paying attention to the corners. Then clean the powder with a damp cloth. This part is important so that the interior wooden doors are more sturdy.

3. Brush paint. Take paint brush open the paint cover. Dip the brush in the paint bucket, too much paint at a time. The rules for painting are top to bottom left to right. Note that corners hidden areas should also be painted.

4. Let dry. Leave the painted interior wooden door for four to five hours, let the paint dry.

5. Polish again. After the paint dries out, use fine sandpaper to polish the interior wooden door beginning to end. This time the sanding is to smooth out the uneven parts of the paint, which is beneficial to continue to paint later.

6, paint a second time. Follow the third step above to perform the second pass of painting. Note that if the paint is too thick, you can add an appropriate amount of rubber water, dilute the paint then brush. Then continue to dry polish.

The material of the interior wooden door is very important. Waterproof mothproof function, delicate texture moderate price, but the material selection must be paid attention to, one is the scientific drying method, the other is to choose the cypress wood with a certain texture a certain age. The door wood is sustainable wood, dried through scientific methods, the performance is relatively stable. its texture is fine, with good luster, the wood surface treatment is very good, suitable for making high-quality fine wood.

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