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European style wooden door

European style wooden door

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  • Release date:2020-04-07 15:30:50
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About knocking. Many consumers will choose the "knock" method when choosing a custom wooden door. The European style wooden door company is an inconspicuous "knock" action that contains a lot of knowledge of the wooden door. The correct way is that we bend our fingers to knock on the wooden door. Listen to the sound on the surface, but do n’t just knock in the middle of the wooden door, but in every corner of the wooden door to hear whether the sound is symmetrical thick, especially in the middle of the door lock the wooden door. Note that usually small brand manufacturers will hang sheep's heads to sell dog meat, use high-quality wood at the door lock, in order to improve the nail holding force of the wooden door to make the door lock stronger, but large areas of wood use other materials, so consumers should pay more attention detail.

Look at the thickness. When choosing a wooden door, pay attention to the thickness of the wooden door. The thickness of the customized wooden door is closely related to the sound insulation effect. The ideal thickness of the wooden door is 42 ~ 50mm. If it is too thick, it will affect the normal use. If it is too thin, it will weaken its sound insulation effect.

Choose the door cover. It is important to choose door covers with excellent materials. The door covers directly affect the life customary use of custom wooden doors. The door locks related to them are also one of the key selection objects. The color style of the door lock should match the style of the custom wooden door. Sense, its material also determines the service life beauty of the door lock.

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