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European style wooden door

European style wooden door

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Consumers should pay special attention to three points to prevent hidden health risks when purchasing. 1. Open the closed door first when buying, the European style wooden door company probe into it smell it, if it makes people have nasal, throat, throat discomfort burning sensation, runny nose, sore throat, cough, etc., it shows the amount of formaldehyde released Relatively high, there may be problems, do buy. 2. Consumers should request quality inspection reports distributors to see if the release of various harmful substances wooden doors is within the scope allowed by the standard. 3. Most of the wooden doors that release harmful substances exceed the standard are cheap artificial boards, so the price of the entire set of indoor wooden doors is often "super low". Due to the large amount of low-quality glue used in cheap artificial boards, the release retention of various harmful substances have exceeded the standard seriously. The editor of Xuanyaju reminds everyone to pay attention to trap routines.

Balcony doors patio doors should use all-glass doors with good lighting high transparency. It should be noted that when choosing door types for various types of doors, you should also pay attention to the overall design coordination of the room, do add to the list make mistakes. . For example, if you use straight frieze above the door, use straight frieze, if you use arc frieze, use the frieze. The size, height, width, height of the lock, the shape of the door lock are as coordinated as possible. The bathroom door can only transmit light but see through. It is suitable to install double-sided grinding dark fog glass. The size of the bathroom door is the same as the kitchen.

At the same time, the wooden door source manufacturers make some small additions. According to the door type process, there are full glass doors, half glass doors, panel doors, core doors. The whole glass door has only four sides the dock, the rest of the large area is made of glass: the half glass door is made of glass in the upper half, the plate type in the lower half, with appropriate transparency; The door is the main variety in the door: the core door is one more core boards installed in the middle of the door. It is convex has a strong three-dimensional art. It is one of the traditional door forms.

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