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European style wooden door

European style wooden door

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At that time, I just bought it felt that the appearance of the engineered wooden door was good-looking, then I bought it home. European style wooden door company but soon discovered that the engineered wooden door was deformed. Therefore, the quality of good engineering wooden doors is standard. It is necessary to understand the quality standard of the engineering wooden door first so that it can be selected later.

The materials used for wooden doors usually require drying. The moisture content standard of engineering wooden doors should be less than 12%. If the solid wood is dehydrated, the door will be easily deformed, the joint of the tenon will crack, the core panel will shrink. The material standard is the same as other wood products, the processing should be fine, free of mildew eyes, no burrs, Russian stubble. The processing of the glass frame of the half glass full glass doors should be accurate, the closing lines are complete.

The quality standard of the engineered wooden door is: the filling in the door leaf is full, the wooden strips trimmed at the door are firmly connected to the inner frame, the horizontal vertical keel arrangement of the inner frame meets the design requirements. The frame is firmly bonded, without warpage, cracks, smooth clean board surface, no knots, insect eyes, cracks rot spots, clear wood grain, beautiful texture. The thickness of the board should be less than 3 mm.

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