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European style wooden door

European style wooden door

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  • Release date:2020-04-07 15:33:51
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1. Style

The inner door is the face of our friends' entire home environment. The European style wooden door company is consistent with the entire home design style is the basis for matching the inner door;

2. Style color

(1) The purpose of decorating the house is to create a warm harmonious living environment. Therefore, the first thing you should consider when choosing a wooden door is the harmonious matching of the style color of the wooden door with the living room style. If the decoration style is smooth simple, choose a generous simple style; lively bright, we choose a light elegant style.

(2) For example, the principle of interior decoration style matching: the selected wooden door must be coordinated with the door frame cover, the interior decoration style, color tree type, pattern, etc. in terms of tree species, color, style to produce a complete unified decorative effect.

3. By feel

When the style color are well considered, then the product's craft quality issues. We are unlikely to go to the manufacturer to stare at how he processes it, can only evaluate the process quality of the product according to a simple appearance inspection method. Here we can touch it look at it the side. Touch the frame, panel, corner of the mortar with your hands, requiring no sensation of rubbing, soft delicate, then stand on the side of the door to meet the light to see if there are uneven waves on the paint surface of the door.

4. Confirmation principle

Whether we are a door a house door, we need to have good sound insulation impact resistance to have a sense of security. Therefore, it is necessary to choose dense wooden materials, solid structure, especially safe wooden doors.

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