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European style wooden door

European style wooden door

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  • Release date:2020-04-07 15:34:17
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1. Supporting principle: The selected wooden doors must be coordinated with the door frame cover, the style, color, tree type, pattern of the entire interior decoration in terms of tree type, color, style.

2. Principle of use: In addition to considering the security factors of anti-theft, the entry door can choose a beautiful, strong heavy engineering wooden door; the bedroom door mainly considers privacy creates a warm atmosphere. Solid door type; study door should choose the door type with good sound insulation effect, good light transmittance strong design sense, such as engineering wooden door with ancient window rib pattern, can produce simple elegant book fragrance; kitchen door should Choose a door type with good water resistance tightness in order to effectively block the oil fumes produced during cooking; the bathroom door mainly focuses on privacy water resistance.

3. Economic principles: The price of wood varies greatly, many real engineering wooden doors are expensive due to the scarcity rare tree species. Therefore, when purchasing engineering wooden doors, they should be purchased within a reasonable range of expenditure. The cost of mechanization manual production of indoor doors is different. Whether the internal structure is real is evident the price. So if the price is much lower than the basic market price, don't consider it.

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