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European style wooden door

European style wooden door

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  • Release date:2020-04-07 15:35:59
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Whether it is a door, furniture other room decoration style, simplicity can always bring people a relaxed comfortable feeling. The person in charge of the simple wooden door of the European style wooden door company said that the process behind the simple modeling is actually simple. "We use a split cladding process combined with the traditional tenon mortise technology to form a combined assembly door. We strive to achieve, Firm, simple, easily deformed; in design, the style requirements are simple clear, it also has some Japanese Korean styles, so that consumers can feel the exotic style while enjoying simplicity. "

A door style introduced by the same simple style card is very simple. There is no decoration on a door, the surface is all natural texture. "Using rosewood, white rattan, leaf scented wood other wood as the finish, the simpler the process the higher the material requirements, because it requires a whole piece of wood without scarring, if there is, even if only a little, it can only be discarded. So the simpler it is, the deeper the effort behind it. "

In addition to the natural wood doors, blue, purple white "color wooden doors" also appeared in the market. White wooden doors made of water canals oak are more common, are suitable for modern simple decoration styles. The "color wooden door" that appears today is very eye-catching. At first glance, it is a wooden door. Upon closer inspection, it is still a wooden door. The wooden texture can still be clearly seen despite the paint treatment. Because of the bold colors, many people who enter the market feel a bit glaring, but the color wooden doors are suitable for those cartoon-like colorful decoration styles, which are now more more sought after by the market.

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