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European style wooden door

European style wooden door

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Does the real engineering wooden door refer to pure solid wood? This means that all materials are natural materials that have been reprocessed. European style wooden door companies do use any engineered wooden doors made of artificial panels. That is to say, all materials used for engineering wooden doors are solid wood, including door panels side panels, etc., which are made of pure solid wood planks solid wood finger jointed panels, do use any other form of artificial panels. Let's take a look at the production method of engineering wooden doors.

The production method of the engineering wooden door is actually quite simple. Here are six steps to introduce to you:

1. Carpentry ingredients department docking

That is, docking with the ingredients department. The handover list, the quantity type of wood, etc., also need to do an inspection of the handed over wood, return it if it fails.

2. Draw sawing line drawing positioning

The positioning of the sawing material is to plan the parts that have been processed by planing, polishing, paneling. According to the dimensions specified by the product according to the drawings, the woodwork master draws lines on each component material, such as the position of the tenon the position of the slot. Have to do it.

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