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European style wooden door

European style wooden door

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  • Release date:2020-04-07 15:38:29
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Punching, sawing, cutting slotting

According to the product specifications, the size of the European style wooden door wholesale product, according to the positioning of the sawing material, the line drawn, punched with a puncher, cut the board with a saw, slotted with a slot machine. To open the mortise, first draw a line on the wood decide to cut the mortise. Because the carpentry work is large in size, it can be changed to small; if the size is small, it cannot be increased. When using a saw to pull the tenon, special attention should be paid to reasonable pay-off (the terms are called "eating thread" "giving thread", which have different meanings are used in different parts), so as to ensure that the tenon the mortise are trimmed corrected. More than expected. In fact, the tenon the mortise must be carefully revised many times to determine whether the connection between the mortise the mortise is coordinated, the assembled wood is perpendicular to each other, the joint of the mortise is tight.

Reasonably solve the problem

According to the master's product design, the round shape is to be used, a gong machine is used to round the four corners of the wood. Fillet processing should be symmetrical, smooth smooth, without missing corners knife marks. The surface frame, panel, door frame, door panel other parts have 4 wooden frames, two long tenons are called "big edges", two short chisel holes are called "edge wipes". The frame is formed by connecting the corners tenons of the large edges the side edges, then grooved installed on each side. The space of the groove is used to prevent the rising shrinking wood damaging the panel lifting the panel, which reasonably solves various problems caused by the thermal expansion contraction of the wood.

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