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European style wooden door

European style wooden door

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The wooden door should be close to the color of the furniture, the European style wooden door company should be as consistent as possible with the window cover dumb mouth (many suite doors now have matching window cover, dumb mouth, skirting board, corner line, such as: Beijing Damasi wooden door ), There must be a corresponding contrast with the color of the wall, such as: use mixed wood doors (mostly white) to make the wall paint color, so that the room will have a sense of hierarchy, too "flat" will Make the room feel particularly fresh.

The coordination of the color of the ground the wooden doors of the project should try to maintain the same color (such as cold warm), of course, it is consistent. In order to prevent the ground being chaotic with the wall, weaken the room with a large sense of space, a room with a good sun, you can choose a darker walnut, which can create a calmer atmosphere. The colors are beautiful, there is no right wrong, It's all about coordination coordination. However, if you are really unsure, you can choose white (mixed oil). White is a color that is easy to make mistakes. You can also communicate with designers wooden door sales staff.

The whole wood home decoration is customized. When laying the floor, if a pattern chooses dark intimacy; light compact patterns can make the room appear spacious; the floor decorated with mahogany can feel the warm quiet; dark red decoration can bring Luxurious, solemn atmosphere; white maple wood home improvement customization emphasizes elegant practical style; beech floor makes the room comfortable refreshing; birch floor can make the small room look clean crowded; walnut floor is dignified; oak wood home improvement Customization is very popular in the United States because Americans are free, bold return to nature; if you want to highlight these characteristics decorate them with a part of the parquet floor, you can get unexpected results. If consumers encounter customized sales of whole-wood home improvement, but the roads are in the same unit, we must be vigilant. Once a problem occurs, it may lead to contradictions between consumers ’two parties.

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