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European style wooden door

European style wooden door

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Pure engineering wooden doors are made natural logs made forests. After degreasing drying, they are scientifically processed through cutting, planing, tenoning, drilling, high-speed washing other processes. European style wood doors wholesale Pure engineering wood doors mostly use precious wood, such as cherry wood, peach stamens, walnut wood, rubber wood, gold silk teak, oak, etc. The finished door after processing has no deformation, corrosion resistance, no fight Features such as seams thermal insulation. At the same time, due to the good sound absorption, the engineered wooden door effectively played the role of sound insulation.

The coordination of the color of the ground the wooden doors of the project should try to maintain the same color (such as cold warm), of course, it is consistent. In order to prevent the ground being chaotic with the wall, weaken the room with a large sense of space, a room with a good sun, you can choose a darker walnut, which can create a calmer atmosphere. The colors are beautiful, there is no right wrong, It's all about coordination coordination. However, if you are really unsure, you can choose white (mixed oil). White is a color that is easy to make mistakes. You can also communicate with designers wooden door sales staff.

At present, the production threshold of engineering wooden doors is relatively low, the scale of enterprises is relatively limited. The Secretary-General of China Forest Products Industry Association mentioned that in the market washing of engineering wooden doors enterprises, enterprise alliances should be strengthened to gradually upgrade corporate brands, greatly increase product richness, Open the price level, further open up the situation in the retail terminal market.

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