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Chinese style wooden door

Chinese style wooden door

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  • Release date:2020-04-07 16:36:01
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1. Ecological wooden door is a door made of solid wood door composite door after the raw materials left after production are recycled processed by China Fengmu Door Company. This kind of door only does contain any toxic substances, but also is environmentally friendly healthy. The door, more importantly, it makes full use of raw materials to achieve the effect of energy saving.

2. The ecological wooden door conforms to international green environmental protection standards. Its substrate performance is very stable, without cracking deformation, it also has environmental protection health functions. The wood grain technology of the ecological wooden door is completely based on the solid wood door, the effect is very real, the surface wood grain is clear layered, the color is bright, it is easy to fall off change color in the sun.

3. In terms of structural materials, the high-tech aluminum magnesium titanium alloy material is used for the door cover the edge of the ecological wooden door. The surface is anodized has a certain hardness, so that it is wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, deformation-proof There is a certain improvement in discoloration, the service life is longer than that of ordinary wooden doors.

4. The surface of the eco-wood door leaf panel has many unique style patterns, painted, embossed, sanded, even personalized picture-making surfaces, which provide consumers with a lot of freedom to choose.


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