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Chinese style wooden door

Chinese style wooden door

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Pay attention to the installation of wooden doors when decorating the house. China Fengmu Door Company, if we install the door well, it will only make us feel comfortable but also relax us. The quality of the wooden door installation determines the comfort level of the home. If the door is installed, the thief can enter leave the house at will. It is also dangerous to our privacy security. In addition to this problem, the aesthetics of the door must also be considered. If the worker is invited to install a simple wooden door at home, he must be asked to do so.

The procedures required for preparation before installation are:

1. Door leaf door frame should be stacked flat with pads in the room, the frame door leaf should be stacked separately.

2. It is strictly forbidden to store with acid alkali, the room should be clean, dry ventilated.

3. Stored in the room with a frame separated the heat source to prevent thermal deformation.

4. Check the site situation, arrange clean the work area, check whether the reserved size of the door opening the door frame meets the design requirements.

5. Confirm the installation size count all products accessories.

6. Prepare the installation tool read the installation instructions in detail.

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