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Chinese style wooden door

Chinese style wooden door

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As the name implies, paint-free doors are wooden doors that do require paint. The vast majority of paint-free doors currently on the market of China Fengmumen refers to PVC veneer doors. It is made of PVC veneer vacuum plastic processing technology on the outermost surface of solid wood composite door molded door. The same applies to door covers, which are treated with PVC veneers. There is also a finished wooden door that has been painted by the factory, also called a paint-free door.

The advantages of paint-free doors are as follows:

1. It has log texture, a variety of color changes, has a modern sense, personality environmental protection requirements.

2. The surface of the product is smooth bright, free of paint, which can avoid the terrible consequences of the poisonous gas emitted in the air to the human body after using other decorative materials.

3. One-time molding, short construction period, that is, you can enjoy your dreams in advance by handing over for acceptance.

4. The use of advanced foreign manufacturing technology the use of high-quality imported raw materials to develop paint-free decorative materials, has the advantages of impact resistance, non-spontaneous combustion, anti-moth, anti-moisture, anti-corrosion, good maintenance.

5. Convenient construction, cutable, sawable, invasive nailable.

6. Change many different shapes according to your identity, environment, personality taste. It is an ideal material for home decoration interior decoration.

The disadvantages of paint-free doors are also obvious:

The disadvantage of the paint-free door of poor quality is that it is easy to be exposed for a long time, which is easy to be affected by humidity, temperature air, which causes the surface to open deform. Since the paint-free door is painted, the surface will be particularly smooth. At the same time, after the surface is damaged, the cost of maintenance is high, it is almost impossible to repair on site, so it can only be returned to the factory.

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