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Chinese style wooden door

Chinese style wooden door

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  • Release date:2020-04-07 16:40:38
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Solid wood composite paint-free: base material, pine fir, Chinese wind wooden door wholesale external pressure composite board, the skin is PVCPP material.

The advantages of paint-free door: anti-cracking, sturdy non-deformation, more environmentally friendly, suitable for pregnant women, elderly children at home. Easy to match, more modern personalized. Disadvantages of paint-free doors: the internal materials are different, the bad manufacturers use paper veneer, which is easy to peel wrinkle, the phenomenon of shedding occurs.

The above are the more common process series,

1. Look at the brand. The well-known brand factories have advanced machine technology are in the form of assembly lines. They will cut corners fill waste materials to ensure product quality after-sales service.

2. Looking at the style color, the choice of the wooden door considers the harmonious combination of the style color of the wooden door the room style. It is recommended to choose a style with similar familiarity.

3. Touching the feel, after considering the style color, it is the process quality of the product. It is also unrealistic to go to the manufacturer to stare at how to process, it is only possible to assess the process quality of the product by means of appearance inspection. Touch side light to see if the frame, corners corners of the mortar are smooth.

4. Smell the smell. If there is a pungent smell near the wooden door, a good-quality wooden door has only a faint smell of wood will have a pungent smell.

5. Looking at the certification, the certificate is very important, which can prevent some small manufacturers counterfeiting the big-brand wooden door styles to improve the price improve the price. Among them, the green environmental mark certificate must be available, the ten-ring certification is safe to use.

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