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Chinese style wooden door

Chinese style wooden door

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Now more more owners of interior decoration choose simple wooden doors. Whether it is the door the room door, Chinese style wooden door wholesales prefer to use wooden doors. However, due to various reasons, the purchased wooden doors are deformed cracked, the sound insulation of the house is poor closed. How to solve the situation of poor sex. In fact, many wooden doors are very good when they are bought, but after a period of use, they will deform crack. How can we avoid the cracking of the wooden door in the room? How do we buy wooden doors when decorating? Xuan Yaju editor teaches you how to buy wooden doors when decorating the house.

Analysis of the causes of cracking deformation of indoor wooden doors:

1. The wooden door is damp, the high moisture content of the wood is also a main reason for the deformation of the wooden door. As the moisture content decreases during use, the internal stress of the wood will slowly reveal, which eventually leads to deformation cracking.

2. The design structure of the wooden door, whether the design structure of the wooden door is reasonable; whether it is made according to the process requirements in actual production; whether the adhesive is fully cured; whether the transportation placement meet the requirements;

3. Material problem, whether it is a solid wood door a solid wood composite door, there are wood components, wood has the characteristics of shrinkage swelling like other objects. The wood logs are natural, the degree of deformation will be more serious than synthetic materials. Moreover, the area of the wooden door is large, there are few fixed points, so it is the most prone to deformation cracking.

After finishing the decoration of the house, you should also pay attention to the living environment, usually pay more attention to the wooden door, remedy the situation as soon as you find it.

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