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Chinese style wooden door

Chinese style wooden door

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Precautions when teaching you to choose a wooden door:

1. To choose the qualified products of qualified manufacturers, some wooden door manufacturers in China Fengmumen have mastered the technical essentials. They only have in-depth research on the high temperature high humidity climate conditions, but also on the more severe environment. Is to choose brand wooden doors, quality is guaranteed.

2. Pay attention to the thickness of the wooden door. The thinner the wooden door is, the lighter the lighter the better. The appropriate thickness of the wooden door is 38mm-45mm. Such a door is easy to deform.

3. Pay attention to the material of the wooden door. You can use tapping to listen to the sound. The sound of good wood is mellow textured.

4. Pay attention to the paint process on the wooden door. A good paint process has a good hand feel, gloss, uniform color. Its strength gloss are comparable to the car's metallic paint.

5. Ask whether the door is made of composite solid wood. There is a natural phenomenon of thermal expansion contraction in life. Especially in summer, wooden doors are prone to this phenomenon. The expansion coefficient of wood products is more obvious when the temperature is high, consumers can carry out some simple maintenance on the wooden door to prevent high temperature cracking.

Wooden doors are used in many places for interior decoration. Xuanyaju wooden doors teach you to buy wooden doors of good quality brands before buying wooden doors. You should also pay attention to maintaining wooden doors in life to extend the life of wooden doors.

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