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Chinese style wooden door

Chinese style wooden door

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In the vernacular, the door cover is the frame on which the door is mounted. It is generally composed of the door frame the edge of the door face. The door frame of China Fengmu Door Company is generally fixed on the wall of the door hole, the door leaf is fixed on the door frame, the edge of the door face is buckled on the door frame, it is the edge line around the door leaf that we can see the front of the door block the gap between the door frame the wall. Generally, if you want to install a door, you must have a door cover.

In addition, many people say that the door cover actually refers to the pass, which is simply a door cover without a door. It is generally installed on the wall around the doorway of the aisle. Door cover is a term for architectural decoration, which refers to two door frames inside outside the door. So there are also directly called door frames. The main function of the door cover is to fix the door leaf protect the corners decorations. Commonly used in the decoration decoration process to protect indoor wooden doors scratches, corrosion, damage, dirt, etc.

The door frame should also be called the door cover line. This door cover line has many styles to choose , but generally when you buy the door, the samples are all matched, so you are allowed to choose. The advantage of going to the factory is that you can see their sample book. In addition to the appearance of the door, the sample book also has the appearance of the door cover line. This cover line is special.

In fact, the most profitable thing for the door factory is the door, but the package port window cover. The price of the package port window cover of the conscientious factory gives you the same material as the door. Many doors are made of solid wood, but the door window Apply the pure density board, so that he can make a lot of money, the money we spend is solid wood composite money. When you arrive at the scene, stare at the material of your pass.

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