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Chinese style wooden door

Chinese style wooden door

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Some students will ask, what is the pass of the door cover? What is the window cover? What is a corner protector? In Yakou, China Fengmumen Company simply said that door covers without doors are generally installed on the wall around the doorway of the aisle. The window cover is the frame around the window. Upon closer inspection, the window cover is like half of the door cover. The corner protector is installed on the sunny corner of the wall to protect the corner being knocked damaged. In addition to wood, the material is generally glass metal.

Passages, window covers, corner protectors only have some of the above-mentioned functions, but also have a certain decorative role in the creation of some styles, but these three are necessary for decoration. If you are pursuing a simple style, you can make them.

The role of Baoyakou: 1. Protect its edges being rubbed, this kind of thing protects the wall to a certain extent when moving. 2. Because people often inadvertently hold the edge of the mouth by hand, black fingerprints will appear on this part of the wall for a long time. At this time, the Baoyakou will play a role in preventing the wall being stained. 3. It plays a role of space division transition between two spaces, has a certain decorativeness. 4. In addition, if there are bear children at home, many children like to mess with pictures at the pass, so wrap the pass.

The role of the corner protector is similar to that of the Yakou, but it is much cheaper than the Yakou. Generally speaking, the corner protector is used more in the sunny corner of the wall, but it has a width limit, the width cannot be customized like the Yakou. The corner protection style includes segmented corner protection whole corner protection, the price is about 100 yuan.

The pass, the corner protector is fixed with the wooden door. The door, pass, color, material style of the pass are more complete, save time! Whether the door is durable depends on the door cover. Now the prices quoted by many wooden door manufacturers are generally MDF door covers. The MDF door cover is formed by high temperature high pressure after the solid wood is crushed. The advantages are good surface smoothness, but the disadvantages are also obvious. The nail holding force is relatively poor. The screws are prone to loosen after tightening, wood chips will appear when screwing back forth . After a long time, some doors will sink rub the ground, some doors need to be lifted to close. Therefore, Xuan Yaju editors chose wooden doors while attaching importance to door cover corners.

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