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Chinese style wooden door

Chinese style wooden door

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(1) Moulded wooden door concept: Moulded wooden door is made by mechanically pressing two pieces of high-density fiber molded door skin with shape simulated wood grain. The door panel of China Fengmumen Company is hollow in design, the wood of artificial forest is mostly used.

(2) Molded wooden door material: high-density fiber molded door skin board with simulated wood grain.

(3) Molded wooden door characteristics: It has the characteristics of moisture resistance, small expansion coefficient, resistance to deformation. After a period of use, there will be no surface cracks oxidative discoloration. In addition, the general composite molded wooden doors are delivered with a neutral white primer, consumers can go home paint on the white neutral primer according to their personal preferences, to meet the personalized needs of consumers, The price is low, the general public can accept it. Panel mosaic can be carried out, beautiful changeable.

(4) The disadvantages of molded wooden doors: poor material low grade; because the door panel is hollow, the natural sound insulation effect is worse than that of solid wood doors, it cannot be wet bumped; the pressure resistance is poor.

(5) Moulded wooden doors are suitable for the crowd: Moulded wooden doors are favored by middle-income families because of their more economical price safety convenience than solid wood doors.

(6) Market price of molded wooden doors: The molded doors are high-grade economical. Most of the molded wooden doors on the market cost 500 yuan.

How to choose a wooden door? Knowing so much, how do we purchase? These three types of doors are commonly used on the basic market. Of course, there are still many "variants", but they never change. Grasping these three lines, you can basically distinguish the approximate classification of wooden doors. In the process of purchasing, you should pay attention to the following points:

Functional factors:

The entrance door considers anti-theft security factors, choose beautiful, strong, heavy wooden doors; bedroom doors consider privacy warm atmosphere, choose weak light transmission good sound insulation, solid wooden doors; study rooms choose good sound insulation, light transmission Wooden doors with good performance sense of design; kitchen doors should consider the choice of waterproof sealed wooden doors, which can effectively isolate the oil fumes generated during cooking; bathroom doors should pay attention to privacy waterproof factors.

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