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Chinese style wooden door

Chinese style wooden door

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Use the following small methods to identify the quality of wooden doors:

1. Flatness: View the paint surface the side. If there are no water ripples on the Chinese style wooden door wholesale, it means that the flatness is good; look at the texture, look at the veneer solid wood splices, the quality of the paint spray, whether there are any dark spots.

2. Hand feeling: The paint surface is smooth, warm dry, indicating that the paint process is passable; whether the touch is thick whether the surface is easily scratched.

3. Listen to the sound: tap the different parts of the facade with your hands. If the sound is dull heavy everywhere, it means that the internal structure of the door is even full.

4. Material inspection: Determine the material of the wooden door. Good materials may make good wooden doors, but good wooden door materials must be good. The materials are good the doors are good; inspect the quality certificate green environmental protection certificate issued by the state.

5. Whether there is color difference: make sure that the door cover door cover line are made of the same material, rather than use other materials to fill it inferiorly.

Environmental protection factors:

In addition to considering the appearance, environmental protection is also a factor we must consider when choosing a wooden door. When buying, we can use the nose to smell whether there is a pungent temperature. If there is a pungent odor, it means that the formaldehyde content is relatively high. You need to be cautious.

Price factor:

According to their own needs their own ability to choose their own wooden doors, it is necessary to choose expensive wood doors, high-quality solid wood composite doors are also suitable, but can ignore environmental factors for low prices.

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