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Chinese style wooden door

Chinese style wooden door

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How to choose wooden doors for interior decoration depends on your budget. China Wind Wooden Door Company firstly chooses the quality of wooden doors. Now wooden doors are: unpainted wooden doors, composite wooden doors, solid wood doors, paint-free doors, painted wooden doors. Also because of the wide variety, I am still a little confused about the little friends who just started to decorate. The following introduces how to choose a simple wooden door suitable for the decoration style of your home.

The high-quality wooden door is sturdy beautiful, can even be used as an entrance door. When used indoors, it has good sound insulation lightness, is naturally rich in texture. The reason why simple wooden doors use less metal in the interior is that too thin metal doors have poor sound insulation are too thick bulky to switch.

Choose different styles of wooden doors for different usage scenarios. For example, kitchen toilets should use wooden doors as much as possible, especially for bathrooms that do have wet dry separation, no windows, have large water vapor. Because wooden doors are usually used for many years, the paint layer may bump water vapor entering the wood will cause the wood to decay. If you must use wooden doors, do a good job of standard construction, try to bump in later use.

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