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customized furniture

customized furniture

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When first introducing the concept of customizing the entire house, that is to say, when customizing the wardrobe / entire wardrobe for a custom furniture company, I remember when people like to say that the building materials market is custom made furniture. The customization of the solid wood door in the board wardrobe can meet all the needs of customers, the real wood customization also came into being. After the demand for customization gradually expanded to traditional non-standard products such as cabinets wooden doors, the entire house was proposed. Customization-solid wood customization-whole house solid wood customization, the development process should be like this. The last big cake on the

Among them, the solid wood door panel factory the wooden door factory are the main force of the whole house solid wood customization, which can directly face the end consumers, various factories have mutual cooperation. The solid wood customization industry is quite mature very detailed. As long as you have a source of orders, you can do this. You can still execute it without a factory-ask the factory ’s design staff to measure, adjust the size, design, Orders package orders are placed in factories in different factories, the personnel who install install the factory are eventually found.

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