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customized furniture

customized furniture

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The kitchen is a very important functional area in the Chinese family, the custom furniture company is responsible for the health of the whole family. As an important piece of furniture in the kitchen, cabinets cost tens of thousands of yuan. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to some details ridiculousness when purchasing. Today, I have sorted out the precautions for custom kitchen cabinets. These 10 details must be understood.

The general thickness of cabinet plates in custom house manufacturers is: 16 mm 18 mm. The cost of 18 mm is 7% higher, so the cost varies greatly depending on the thickness. In terms of service life, 18 mm can extend the time by more than double, so everyone should ask these easily overlooked details of the plate when buying looking at the sample. In order to ensure that the door panel is deformed the countertop is cracked.

Secondly, the thickness of the wall cabinet is the easiest to get bored. You should know that the industry standard is 35 cm, but the ordered part of the smoke machine is at least 33 cm. If you press 35 cm, the door will close! At this time, the pitman will come, the seller will let you achieve 38%, you will have to add money. When it comes to adding money, there are natural gas exhaust strips, plus another 50 yuan. Drawers rails are extra money. If you add a little to that, you have to add tens of thousands.

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