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customized furniture

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At present, the door panels on the market are classified into double veneer panels, fireproof panels, paint, porcelain, plastic (molded), solid wood, metal brushed, crystal steel plates. Custom furniture companies mainly introduce several common ones.

The double-decorated panel is a melamine board, usually made of solid wood particle board as the base material, soaked dried in melamine glue then treated with a surface layer, which is formed by high temperature high pressure bonding on a special press. It can be used in many designs, but it is also relatively cheap. It is an economical choice is widely used in the custom cabinet industry.

The painted door panel is gorgeous in appearance, bright in color, beautiful fashionable, the overall effect is better. The multi-layer MDF is used as the base material for the baking paint door panel, the back side is melamine veneer. The workmanship is complicated, the processing cycle is long, the price is relatively high. The paint door must be spray-painted several times, after each painting, it will be heated dried in a drying room. The temperature of the drying room is above 80 degrees to ensure that the paint is fully volatilized, has no irritating taste, has good hardness.

Plastic door is one of the three main materials for custom cabinet doors in Europe. Plastic door is also known as molded door. It uses medium density board as the base material. It is carved cut with equipment. After molding, the PVC veneer is heated pressed. Formed after vacuum blister. Blister door panel has many advantages, such as rich color, unique three-dimensional shape, easy deformation of the door panel. After blister molding, the four sides of the door panel can be sealed into one body, no edge sealing is required, there is no problem of edge sealing opening.

The solid wood door panel gives people a sense of returning to the original, which belongs to a high-quality ( high-applicable) door panel. A variety of patterns on the surface of the solid wood door panel constitute the European American style. It is luxurious elegant, is deeply loved by people at home abroad. The surface can be roughened, but there is a certain color difference.

Note: There is a kind of solid wood imitation on the market, which is made of medium density board, plus paint, solid wood finger joint board for baking treatment. Compared with solid wood door panels, this kind of board is easy to deform, but the price is cheap. Whole house custom manufacturers remind you to pay attention when buying solid wood doors.


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