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Must choose a brand, more service guarantee, the credibility will be higher, but it is necessary to choose a first-line brand, wallboard companies because we have to pay for high advertising costs.

Looking at the sales method of the physical store, do you have the ability to meet your needs, the professional design so on.

Look at the products that have been installed by other customers, see whether the details of the process are good, such as interface position, edge collapse, color difference, flatness, structural rationality, flexibility of opening pulling, etc. Moreover, the dimensional data of the product is accurate the structure is rigorous, giving people an overall sense of beauty.

The price is also more critical. In fact, the difference between first-tier brands second-tier brands is basically the same. The second-tier brands are better than the first-tier brands in some places. If the price is 20-30% cheaper than the first-tier brands, it is more suitable The positioning of the home is very suitable for this positioning.

Whether there is negative public opinion on the Internet search, whether there is an official website online, such as a brand does even have an official website that is difficult to trust.

Do you have a professional factory? In order to ensure production, most of the custom furniture brands have professional factories, modern machinery equipment, assembly line production, on-site installation. It completely avoids the inconvenience to consumers caused by the messy products made on site made by small decoration companies.

After-sales service custom furniture throughout the house are closely related to people's daily lives use frequency is relatively high. Therefore, the good reputation high-quality after-sales service of the whole-house customized manufacturers are very important. When ordering, we must first find out how long the warranty period is. The general requirement is less than 5 years (at least 3 years more). In addition, can you provide timely fast maintenance services when you encounter problems with use? This is what you need to buy a wardrobe. Even the best things will have problems. After this, after-sales will be crucial.


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