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When customizing solid wood doors, you need to choose the manufacturer the merchant, choose the material price of your own wooden door, then you need to send a master to measure the size. The wall panel company will then confirm the style color with the merchant, then the merchant will place an order Customized to the manufacturer. It's good to install it when it arrives. The production cycle of customized solid wood doors is relatively long, generally about 20-40 days for solid wood doors about 30-50 days for logs. This is the general process of solid wood door customization. Today, the editor of solid wood door customization will introduce the advantages disadvantages of solid wood door customization in detail.

Advantages of solid wood door customization

The whole house custom manufacturer is tailor-made for you, very fit, is designed according to your room type. It is very reasonable. The designer can also configure the internal functional parts for you according to your needs. The wooden door designed for you can also The effect picture of the wooden door is presented in front of you in advance, it can be repaired if you are satisfied, so that you do n’t have to worry about it.

The customized wooden door is guaranteed in production, the craft is meticulous easy to deform, the paint is lost, the appearance is guaranteed. The complete set of complete production equipment experienced production workers guarantee the quality of the overall wooden door.

Good quality low price, the factory purchases raw materials in large quantities, which reduces costs. However, the large-scale production in the workshop reduces the loss to a low level saves materials. As an owner, you do need to worry about wasting materials for custom-made wooden doors.


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