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The customization cycle is regularly extended: Compared with the finished wooden door, the production cycle of the customized wooden door for the wall panel price is relatively long, because the customized wooden door needs to be sent by the manufacturer to measure the size after you submit the order, according to the decoration design of your home Design the style decoration colors. After you have determined the manufacturer's design drawings, you can process the wooden doors. The general interior doors are customized for at least 15 days, the solid wood doors are estimated to be 1 month.

Pre-sales deposits are still available: now the wooden door customization industry is yet mature. Manufacturers of all sizes are taking orders for wooden doors. It is natural for some large manufacturers to say nothing, while some small manufacturers are difficult to say, to mention their wooden doors. There is no guarantee of quality. It is possible that your deposit will be collected, the design, processing, installation after-sales work will be guaranteed.

Insufficient after-sales service: installation of wooden door products requires merchants to provide continuous maintenance services. Merchants with incomplete after-sales service systems often find it difficult to guarantee product maintenance. At present, all custom wooden door manufacturers have perfect after-sales service systems. Therefore, if you want to guarantee the service life of the custom wooden door, try to choose a business with long-term service guarantee, a business with after-sales return visit tracking service, generally more credible.


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