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When buying wooden doors, many consumers have encountered such a situation. The finished wooden door of the wallboard company has a big color difference the wooden door that they originally liked. As a result, many consumers have disputes with merchants. In fact, the "color difference" of these wooden doors is sometimes intentional by merchants. So did the "color difference" of these wooden doors come ? The customized editor of the solid wood door can solve the problem for everyone.

Wooden door color difference reason one: natural reason

In fact, after making a solid wood door, there is a certain color difference the original version is normal. Many trees will form different parts of the color during the natural growth process, which is the result of climate change soil differences. The wooden door made of the heart of the tree the bark area will definitely have a difference in color, the color of the wooden door of the tree core is slightly darker. Therefore, the color difference between the wooden door the sample is unavoidable.

Wooden door color difference reason two: paint reason

There is definitely a "color difference" between the original wood-colored wooden door the painted wooden door, but the unpainted wooden door will cause "color shift" due to long-term exposure to air oxidation. Similarly, the heat treatment process of the wooden door is different, the color will be different.

Three reasons for the color difference of the wooden door: the beautification of the color of the brochure

In addition to the reason of the wooden door itself the color difference caused by the solid wood door process, the color of the pictures placed on the website brochures by the merchants, due to the lighting manual modification, will also cause the difference in the color of the wooden door.


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