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Jumen is a deep impression to the guests, visitors always see the door before entering the house. How to choose a good quality solid wood door for the wall panel price? The editor of the customized solid wood door introduces the following three simple methods for your reference!

First, the method of percussion beating

The filler in the door is generally divided into solid partially solid. The solid filler is definitely heavy the price is expensive, while the partial solid is relatively light the price is relatively cheap. However, some black-hearted merchants use some scraps as fillers to increase weight, so as consumers, they still have to develop the habit of buying brand products.

The two methods of identification are to observe the "seal"

"Seal" is directly related to the density of the door. The sealing strip is "hidden" in the contact part between the door cover the door leaf, which is soft to the touch. Regular enterprises will add sealing strips, so as to avoid the problem of a seam after the door is closed.

The third is the material of the door cover

Most complaints about custom wooden doors are mainly due to problems with the door cover. The essence of the problem is that the merchant does necessarily use the same material for the door cover the door leaf. The solid wood door leaf does mean that the solid wood door cover will be used. If the solid wood door is made of MDF, because it does contain wood fiber, it is easy to foam in water, which will cause the door frame to deform. material.


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