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Custom wardrobe needs to pay attention to these places

2020-02-25 11:52:37

With the improvement of living standards, more more people choose to customize the wardrobe. The custom solid wood wardrobe can meet the needs of people's hearts, tailor-made wardrobe for each family. Even so, it is impossible to think about everything. Therefore, before customizing the wardrobe, you must understand these aspects, otherwise you will be too late to regret after checking in.

1. Size

The whole house custom manufacturer reminds you to make sure the size is good when customizing the wardrobe, of course you have to consider whether to make it top. Regardless of the length, width height, we must determine the price in advance, so as to encounter various price increases during construction.

2. Practicality

The overall cabinet wardrobe is custom-made. The wardrobe is used to put clothes. If your home is relatively small, you must brainstorm because of the style. At the beginning, I made a personal wardrobe, but after checking in, there were more clothes after a long time, I usually didn't have time to organize. The clothes are all piled up, I can't find them, I find that the clothes are all pleats.

The most important thing is that the personalized wardrobe is only practical, but also the price is relatively high. This is a pit, we must be rational keep our heads clear at all times.

3. Reasonable use

Solid wood door customization Whether you sort it by season by person, you must customize it according to your storage habits. Of course, the built-in mirror is recommended, especially for female compatriots. Like some drawers, you do n’t need too much. Although it looks more regular, it is very practical. One two is enough.

If it is a trousers rack a tie rack that the manufacturer sells to you, don't get it, you just can't use it.

Fourth, the wardrobe material

For our health, whether you choose ecological board, particle board log board. Must choose safe non-polluting, choose regular brand manufacturers to produce, after environmental protection certification, health certification, choose the national ten ring certification manufacturers.


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