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Precautions for custom furniture for home decoration

2020-02-25 11:49:52

Whole house custom manufacturers tell you the precautions for custom furniture for home decoration

I used to look at the exquisite decoration of other people's homes, imagined what I would look like if my home was renovated, because the quirks quirks of the hardcover room are more convenient for people's lives because of the customization of the entire house. "It saves a lot of work. So more more owners choose custom furniture for the entire home, but which links should be paid attention to in the end?

1. The material is harmless to the environment

It is very important whether the customized materials of the whole cabinet wardrobe are environmentally friendly. We do n’t trust the store when we buy things. Use your own eyes to learn chemical knowledge to distinguish which materials are the most environmentally friendly. At present, many brands say that they are zero formaldehyde. This is currently possible, so we do n’t believe it. "Of course, just like the whole house is customized, although it is zero formaldehyde, it can also meet national standards.

2. Is the decoration style unified?

It is difficult to unify the style of the entire bedroom before decorating then customizing the entire wardrobe, so you should determine the style of custom cabinets, wardrobes, furniture, etc. before decoration, especially pay attention to the style of custom furniture must be consistent with the decorative style. This style will conflict with each other, forming a strange feeling.

3. Customize furniture according to the room area requirements

Customize furniture according to the requirements of the room area, especially the small bedroom, pay attention to the measurement of cabinets, wardrobes other products according to the area of the room. If necessary, you can use the space as much as possible to store items in the product shape as efficiently as possible Because in daily life you will find storage is an essential part.

4. Product design

Many consumers go to the store to see the customization of the solid wood door, think it is good, but eventually installed in their home, but the effect is even worse. "This is because the store is designed through professional design, the products are installed according to the store's decorative style space. Looking at the uncoordinated home, I didn't realize that the original customized furniture was pleasing to the eye. Lost. If you do n’t know what kind of furniture you want to customize, you can tell the designer your own home style let the professional design suitable custom furniture for you.

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