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Do you know a few points about choosing a simple wooden door?

2020-02-25 11:44:44

The simple wooden door is more important in the decoration. It can be said that the installation of the simple wooden door will determine the success of the decoration. The good installation of the simple wooden door will improve the taste style of the entire home decoration. So today, I will introduce how to choose a good simple wooden door, so that everyone can live more comfortably safely!

1. Product appearance

In the process of home design decoration, the choice of color material of the simple wooden door is very important, because the simple wooden door is the background foundation of the entire home design. In addition, the design of the simple wooden door should pay attention to the tone, this tone is the color matching, the purity brightness of the color must also be considered.

Second, the quality of simple wooden doors

Choose the tree species of simple wooden door materials, the prices of different tree species vary greatly. Don't be misled by the name of some non-standard simple wooden doors, choose solid simple wooden doors made of natural colors stable wood species. Check the moisture content of the simple wooden door. When the water content is too high too low, various deformation conditions such as arching, corrugation, expansion contraction will occur during use when the ambient temperature humidity change. The moisture content of a good simple wooden door reaches the standard, which can extend its service life. When choosing the size of the simple wooden door, the key is that it should be short, long, narrow wide. If floor heating is used in home improvement, simple wooden doors should be relatively thin.

3. Simple wooden door material

At present, with the continuous improvement of living standards, simple wooden door materials have more choices. Many people make choices for environmentally friendly simple wooden doors. Environmental protection materials are inevitable in the selection of simple wooden door materials.

Fourth, paint quality

Choose the paint quality of the simple wooden door, choose UV light curing paint, observe whether the paint film on the surface of the paint board is even, full, smooth, whether there are paint leakage, blistering, eyelets other phenomena. The lubricity of the edging paint, fingers touch along the notch, there is no rough feeling.

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