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Introduction to the basic structure of stair handrail custom solid wood staircase

2020-02-25 11:43:25

Staircase handrail custom wood staircase basic structure introduction Staircase handrail custom

Staircase handrail custom wood stair production process is more complicated, the selection of materials to the factory drying a series of production processes, until the surface coating treatment, is very strict scientific. Therefore, it is necessary to products made by professional companies with professional standardization. Never choose some solid wood stairs made by small workshops at a low price. The solid wood staircase must first choose a more ambitious material, secondly, it should visually observe contact its surface paint, material texture, modeling, workmanship, structural carving. Good products can be felt at a glance. As the saying goes, "cheap is good" does make sense. According to the home decoration standards of developed countries in the world, the price of the staircase should be 10-20% of the latter compared with the price of the overall decoration. Under normal circumstances, the consumer price of the staircase should account for 10% of the overall decoration cost. Whether it is a wooden staircase, a steel staircase, a wrought iron staircase, etc., we must pay attention to moisture, fire collision in the process of use.

1. Beam, that is, keel: the most important part of the theme, the primary load-bearing part of the stairs, columns other parts of the stairs;

2. Ladders: horizontal pedals used to trample loosen the load bearing;

3. Vertical plate: the straight plates linking different ladder plates, all solid wood stairs have;

4. Starting plate: the starting plate is generally larger, it is arc-shaped, which is beautiful convenient for trampling. We also often call it luxurious starting;

5. Face side: the handrail, used for hand support, the function is to enable people to assist the climbing through the strength of the hand;

6. Column: the straight link between the handrail the ladder keel is only an indispensable part of the composition, but also a relatively rich aspect of the art. It is divided into small columns large columns;

7. Large column: the larger one in the column, generally at the start, corner, end, etc., the common specifications are: 90 * 90mm / 100 * 100mm;

8. General column: the starting column, the first two columns at the beginning, during which 80% is the same size as the column, another 20% is larger than the column. It is also the most elegant part of the solid wood stairs;

9. Elbows: There are many types of curved parts in the handrails, such as right-angled flat bends, seven-shaped bends, tee bends, left right starting bends, comma starting bends, etc .;

10. Baseboard: the added decoration part of the ladder against the wall;

11. Button: small circular structure to cover the screw nut

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