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Customized maintenance measures for solid wood stair handrails

2020-02-25 11:42:43

Customized maintenance measures for solid wood stair handrails

Visited major building materials shopping malls, the solid wood staircase handrails occupy a relatively large shopping mall. the understanding of the mall, it is found that although the sales volume of solid wood is as good as iron, it is much better than the steel glass staircase handrails. Solid wood staircase handrails require regular care. Compared with steel glass staircase handrails, solid wood staircase handrails are better than solid wood staircase handrails.

> 1, regularly use a rag feather duster to remove the dust on the outside of the door panel.

> 2. High-quality wood cleaners detergents diluted with water can quickly remove fingerprints splash marks.

> 3, three months half a year, waxing polishing the door panel can make the door panel last for a long time, but you need to remove the old wax with a mild non-alkaline soap solution beforehand.

> 4. Stubborn stains are covered with wax water salad oil, toothpaste, etc., rubbed along the wood grain, then wiped dry with a rag, then waxed polished, it can be as clean as new.

> 5. Scratch marks: You can apply yellow-brown light-colored leather oil on the scratches. The color of the leather oil must be similar to the lightest paint on the door panel, then rub it in the direction of the wood grain with a dry cloth until Deepen the color with wood grain to cover the scratches, then wax polish.

The sol wood staircase handrail is far better than the iron art, but it is much easier to handle with the steel glass staircase handrail. If the wood material of the solid wood staircase handrail is good, the construction left by more history is made of wood, if your home's solid wood staircase You think the armrest is old can be repainted, just like the new one. Although the price may be a little more expensive than other raw materials when it was bought in the early stage, it is worth the money.

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