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High-end stairs customization tells you 6 points

2020-02-25 11:41:59

The home decoration stairs are what you want to be. You must look at the size, standard shape of your opening. If the current orientation is ideal, some changes will be made, the orientation of the device may be selected, but without affecting the safety support of the house.

First, the orientation of the stairs at home

The orientation of the home staircase installation is very elegant, generally the position by the window, especially the area the sunlight can be directly irradiated, the solid wood staircase cannot be installed, otherwise the solid wood stepping board will simply crack. In addition, the point of view of home feng shui, the stairs cannot be directly opposite the door maybe installed in the center of the room.

Second, stepping standards

The height of the solid wood stair stepping board is generally between 18cm 23cm. Too high too low will bring inconvenience in use. Do change the conventional standards in order to save the number of steps. The width of the stairs can be confirmed according to your needs the shape of the space.

Third, step raw materials

If there are elderly children in the family, the treadmill must be non-slip wear-resistant, otherwise it may simply slip hurt. The other parts of the staircase should be lubricated rounded, there should be no protruding sharp corners.

Fourth, soft deployment

Fifth, the space below the staircase, it is recommended to set up such as piano, aquarium, green bonsai, etc., which can activate the visual effect. Because the staircase is located between the upper lower floors, the light is often relatively dark. You can use the form of main lighting auxiliary lighting to create a soft bright effect.

Sixth, fence spacing

If you choose a fence with vertical lines, the center distance between the two fences should be greater than 15cm, otherwise the child's head will simply stick out, posing a risk.

Solid wood stair planning, the installation is very sophisticated, the stair planner must be thoroughly planned according to the decoration style of the house, the solid wood staircase is now in a complicated style, each home does need to be based on the orientation of the stairs, the standard, the shape is necessary, every planning It is different. Light up your home.

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