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New-style assembled stair guardrail structure

2020-02-25 11:41:05

[Customized Staircase Handrail] New assembled stair guardrail structure

Assembling the stair railing is a kind of protective railing on the staircase, which has the effect of blocking maintenance. The whole stair guardrail is composed of columns, beams, poles handrails, the existing connection method of assembled guardrails is mainly formed by welding. The new zinc steel balcony railing provides an assembled stair guardrail structure to deal with the problem that the existing handrail fixing structure is stable enough it is easy to disassemble between the beam the column. Staircase handrail customization

The overall structure of the assembled stair guardrail includes that the beams are connected to the outer walls of the two sides of the column, there are four beam beams in total, the four beam beams are distributed in two groups on both sides of the column. There is a beam on the side of the coupling seat away the column. Fixing grooves are opened on the outer walls of both sides of the beam, the rotating rod is penetrated at the position between the two fixing grooves inside the beam, the top equipment of the column is provided with handrails, the card holder the armrest coupling seat are connected between the armrest the column The card seat the armrest coupling seat are separately welded on the armrest the upright post, a positioning hole is opened at the middle position of the card seat.

The new plan for assembling stair guardrails has dealt with some of the defects of traditional guardrails, is also a problem considered by many manufacturers. Although zinc-steel balcony railings have many advantages, with the changes in society, people are pursuing improving the quality of life, safety awareness is increasing. The requirements for assembled guardrails are also getting higher higher. Expanding demand for shopping malls. Of course, the technical requirements for assembling stair guardrail manufacturers are also very high,

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