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Analyze how to match the ecological wooden door

2020-02-25 11:38:47

1. The entrance door serves as an indoor outdoor road safety barrier, plays an important role in guarding homes nursing homes. Therefore, a safe, thick stable wooden door should be selected, a solid anti-theft lock should also be used.

2. The bedroom is a resting place for recuperation quietness. It is necessary to create a quiet warm atmosphere. Therefore, the bedroom door should be firm solid, opaque, have good sound insulation.

3. The children's room is a space for children to study, entertain rest. It is the wish of every parent to provide a safe comfortable living environment for children. Therefore, the choice of wooden doors in children's rooms must pay attention to environmental protection, sound insulation, the important factor is the safety factor. It should be high so as to hurt the child.

4. The kitchen door should choose a door type with good water resistance tightness, in order to effectively block the oil fumes generated during cooking. Glass sand doors with sandblasting patterns semi-transparent glass are good choices.

5. The study is a clean place for reading working. The wooden doors used should have the conditions of good sound insulation, good light transmittance, strong design. It is recommended to match the frosted glass with Oracle decoration the wooden doors with ancient window prism patterns to make the study of the study Ya Yun played.

6. The choice of the bathroom wooden door pays attention to privacy waterproofness. You can choose the fully frosted semi-glass door with stylish design.

Of course, the current wooden door is more popular among people. The wooden door is a wooden door made of selected natural wood. Its main feature is that the materials of the components of the door leaf are all solid wood wooden doors of the same tree species consistent inside outside. The wooden door is honest in material compact in structure. Let's take a look at the following brief introduction about the original wooden door:

How about ecological wooden doors:

First, the advantages of home wood doors:

1. Preciousness:

Ecological wooden door refers to a wooden door that is manufactured with selected natural precious wood as raw materials. There are more than 10 types of walnut, cherry, maple, teak, oak, ash. Its main feature is the door leaf. The material of each component is the same tree species is consistent inside outside, without any fillers of different materials.

2. Naturalness:

But as people's awareness of environmental protection self-protection increased.

3. Luxury:

Refers to the characteristic that the wooden door is made of precious tree species the crafting process is carefully crafted. Since the wood used to make the original wood door is generally a precious tree species with excellent characteristics, this makes the original wood door have a good texture look the material alone. At the same time, due to the high cost of the material, it has virtually promoted the improvement of the fineness in the production process, thereby further improving its ornamental.

4. Environmental protection:

The amount of adhesive used in log doors is reduced by nearly 50% compared to solid wood doors, so the formaldehyde emission of good log doors is far lower than the national standard.

5. Functionality:

The quality of a door's sound insulation effect depends mainly on the filler of its door core. In a wide variety of door styles, the sound insulation effect of the log door is because of its high density, heavy weight thick door panel.

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