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The correct selection of ecological wooden doors can greatly reduce the risk of furniture moisture

2020-02-25 11:27:27

1. Plate selection is the basis

The board is the main material of the ecological wooden door. If you want to choose the plate type ecological wooden door with good waterproof performance, the main material can be sloppy. When choosing a plate, we must pay attention to its waterproof moisture-proof performance, whether it meets the E1 standard of environmentally friendly materials. This is the key to protecting the health of family members.

Second, take a closer look at the articles behind

When choosing ecological wooden doors, especially those in bathrooms kitchens that have been exposed to moisture for a long time, consumers must pay attention to the back details. The double decorative veneer backboard can completely avoid the exposure of the MDF substrate. This design is a good helper for waterproof moisture proof. The backboard veneer is only waterproof, but also a protector to extend the life of ecological wooden doors. However, in actual life, it is impossible for us to thoroughly remove ubiquitous water droplets water vapor every time after bathing. Therefore, the correct purchase can greatly reduce the risk of furniture getting wet.

3. The internal space cannot be ignored

After using the furniture in the bathroom for a period of time, the bottom plate under the ecological wooden door is easily deformed, which also tells everyone that the places that are easily noticed often have serious consequences due to negligence of protection attention.

Fourth, the subtleties are more sophisticated

The selection of ecological wooden doors must pay attention to the humanized design of small parts, which is the key factor for the success failure of buying furniture. Small places such as seals hardware often have a very important effect on the moisture resistance of the home. Therefore, you must let the small parts be selected when choosing. Whether the ecological wooden door is professional, you can do it through the observation of details There are a few.

Fifth, the installation process should be in place

When installing furniture, it is often necessary to drill holes in the board. The multi-functional edge banding tape can tightly wrap the cutting edge of the board play a good role in waterproofing moisture resistance. Choosing an ecological wooden door is really just. Water drops water vapor are permeable. If you want to do a good job in waterproofing, you must choose a professional well-known brand do a good job in waterproofing moistureproofing all aspects.

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