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How to buy ecological wooden doors correctly, what should I pay attention to?

2020-02-25 11:26:07


Ecological wooden doors are the key to determining the safety of homes, so you must choose carefully. Faced with many ecological wooden door products on the market, how to buy ecological wooden doors correctly, what should be paid attention to? For many people, due to the lack of understanding of ecological wooden doors, it is easy to fall into the misunderstanding of purchase. Let's take a look at the relevant shopping knowledge.

Specifications, dimensions directions-how to buy ecological wooden doors correctly, what should be paid attention to? When choosing an ecological wooden door, you must pay attention to the selection of the size direction. If the size direction are correct, the ecological wood door cannot be installed.

Steel plate thickness-For the selection of ecological wooden doors, attention must be paid to the thickness of the steel plate. The relevant standards stipulate that the thickness of the steel plate must reach a certain standard. For example, the thickness of the steel plate of the first-class ecological wooden door needs to reach one millimeter.

Quality of hardware accessories-choose ecological wooden doors must pay attention to check the quality of hardware accessories. The quality of hardware accessories determines the stability of the ecological wooden door. If the quality of the hardware accessories is poor, it is easy to cause the ecological wooden door to loosen fall.

Anti-theft level-The choice of ecological wooden doors can only focus on the choice of style, it is important to choose the appropriate anti-theft level. Need to pay attention to understand the different levels of standards, the four levels of A, B, C D are the basic common knowledge that must be mastered when purchasing.

Through the above analysis introduction, do you already know something? The choice of paying attention to these details is the key to the determination of the anti-theft coefficient of ecological wooden doors, which should be underestimated.

Ecological wooden door is a concept derived "ecological home". The key to eco-home is environmental protection well-being. It is higher than the "green home" standard, only the hardware requirements, but also the humanistic needs, the harmony between man nature. "Ecological wooden door" should be an element in "ecological home". In this sense, ecological wooden door should pay attention to ecology, pay attention to the harmony between man nature, should be a humanistic product. Ecological wooden doors do contain substances such as formaldehyde heavy metals, are pollution-free pollution-free, meet European environmental standards; they can be recycled, save a lot of forest resources, improve the quality of the living environment. Waterproof moisture-proof. It fundamentally solves the problem that wood products are easy to rot swell deform after absorbing moisture in wet watery environments, can be used in environments traditional wood products cannot be used. The ecological wooden door can find free enjoyment in one's own world, is a self that can return to the true soul, can spend an exclusive life in peace of mind.

Ecological wooden doors are healthy, environmentally friendly, green, simple, fast stylish. The ecological wooden door is close to the natural texture various decorative effects. Many people choose the ecological wooden door to decorate the room.

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