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How to decorate the double staircase customization

2020-02-25 11:23:29

1. First of all, the safety of the stair guardrail must be considered. I believe everyone knows that the staircase is an important channel connecting the first second floors, so safety issues cannot be ignored, so pay attention to the selection of staircase materials, only Stairs interior styles are matched to keep them beautiful. Together, they must be able to ensure safety simply crack collapse.

2. Because the application range of the small duplex is relatively narrow, it is recommended to make the staircase a detachable style, adding the shortcut of usual use, stitching the staircase when it is used, it can be put away when in use, it will occupy much. space. However, there are many problems to be noted, such as whether it will cause damage after repeated installations, is it convenient to use the time?

3. For the planning of stair treads, it can be made according to the standard size, so that the planned staircase is more suitable for families, it should be as wide as possible when planning, so as to be more comfortable in use, the planning width of the tread must reach at least 24cm , the height of the stand should be kept below 20cm. In addition, all the pedals in the entire staircase must be consistent, all the slabs must also be consistent, otherwise accidents will be very simple during the operation.

4. The selection of stair information is very important. the current market, many staircases are finished products. Once they are bought, they are installed. Some people will remove the original staircases then install them again. In fact, no matter what the interior style is, cement, concrete, reinforcement are the most staircase materials, so that when we use it, no squeaking sound will occur.

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