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High-end stair customization manufacturers tell you the basic common sense you need to know when decorating stairs

2020-02-25 11:22:28

1. First consider the orientation modeling elements of the decoration stairs. The staircase is particularly important for the layout of the entire home improvement. The space occupied by the staircase the entrance exit of the staircase need to be carefully considered. The staircase is generally placed in a special stairwell, in the corner against the wall, so that it does spoil the space destroy the overall layout. The entrance exit of the stairs should be set according to the guidelines of convenient walking shortest walking route;

2. Second, consider the raw materials of the stairs. The staircase materials should be determined according to the style of home improvement. The Chinese style should choose solid wood stairs, the modern refined style should choose steel-wood stairs. In addition, if there is a white man a child at home, a solid wood staircase is more suitable;

3. The slope of the stairs. The slope of the stair refers to the angle between the front edge of the stairs the horizontal line. The slope of the interior decoration stairs is generally 30%. Both too steep too slow affect the comfort of walking;

4. The width of the indoor staircase is generally about 90 cm. If the area of the single floor is large, it should be extended to 95-100 cm;

5. The height of the stair handrail interval pedal is less than 90 cm, nor too high;

6. The gap between the stair railings should be greater than 11 cm. Excessively large gaps are conducive to children's safety, usually require that the child's head cannot be extended;

7. Consider the possibility of meeting. The interval the lower edge of the staircase opening to the corresponding pedal should generally be more than 2 meters, in principle it should be less than 190 cm. This element is often forgotten in the decoration of stairs;

8. Stair painting. Try to choose branded stair vendors, because large-scale staircase companies usually have more mature paint processes, the paint on the surface of their products is easy to wear;

9. The details of the style of the stairs are the key to the decoration planning of the entire staircase. The so-called details determine the success failure. An atmospheric exquisite staircase can always make people tireless;

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