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The advantages disadvantages of custom wardrobe swing doors sliding doors

2020-02-25 11:21:43

I believe that every household needs a wardrobe when they are renovating. They need different clothes throughout the year, they need to prepare several bodies in a season, plus shoes hats. So, does the closet at home need to open the door slide the door?

Swing wardrobe

Wardrobe swing door advantages

Swing doors were also commonly used in the past. Generally, after the door is opened, the contents in the wardrobe can be seen at a glance. It may be more convenient easier to find things. In addition, the inside outside of the cabinet door of the swing door is sometimes available. It is more common to install a mirror on the inner side of the swing door. After choosing the clothes, you can also dress up in the mirror. The hinged door has better sealing performance is less prone to dust moisture.

Wardrobe swing door disadvantages

When the wardrobe is opened with a swing door, some external space needs to be occupied. For a bedroom with a small space, it may be a bit unsuitable. In addition, generally the cabinet doors cannot be made too high. If it is too high, it will be divided into two doors.

Sliding door wardrobe

Wardrobe sliding door advantages

Sliding doors are more convenient to push pull, the door does need to occupy extra space to open, which is more suitable for small families. In addition, the sliding door has no problem even if it is topped, the overall texture is stronger.

Wardrobe sliding door disadvantages

There is a gap between the two doors of the sliding door. The moisture resistance may be very good, the slideway may also be easy to accumulate dust. You can only open half of the doors each time, so if you are a diligent host, finding things may be more troublesome.

In general

If there is enough space at home, it is more appropriate to choose a flat door; if the space at home is more crowded, it is recommended to choose a sliding door. Of course, there are also some family spaces that are relatively large. Due to personal preference, I have chosen sliding doors. If you put things on a regular basis prefer to be tidy, the environment is very humid, of course, it is bad to choose sliding doors.

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